Oakbridge University

With the emergence of a new consciousness of Light and Love comes a remembrance of who we are. Stirrings in the heart echo whispers in the mind and a yearning to know, to express, to experience more of the Light and Love is awakened within us. Oakbridge University, founded in 1989, was born of the desire to provide an opportunity for such experience.

Mission Statement
The Mission of Oakbridge University is to promote peace in the world, respect for all life and the empower-ment of each person to fulfill his or her highest potential.

The name of Oakbridge University was carefully chosen. The Oak, which grows from a small acorn seed, signified the potential for on-going growth. At maturity, it provides strength and shelter from the storms of life beneath its spreading branches. The University, in its varied aspects/branches, provides an opportunity for on-going study and experience, becoming a Bridge between people, ages, philosophies and dimensions.
Incorporated in the state of Washington in May 1989, Oakbridge University is an educational, religious and charitable non-profit corporation under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

Oakbridge University Envisions
Communities of Light

There is a new magic in the air, an energy of love and remembrance. The call to awaken to our spiritual heritage is being heard around the world and a planetary reunion of heart families is in progress. We welcome you in the spirit of brother/sisterhood and invite you to share in our vision of community.
The Community is to be a living demonstration to the world of how mankind, through the one Mind and one Heart, can live in harmony with Mother Earth and in service to our Divinity and fellow man/woman. We envision the Community as educational in the broadest sense of the word, a place where people can come to be nurtured by the very Light of the Christ that we all are, to celebrate that Light, to experience again the love, joy, beauty, wisdom, harmony and peace of the Heavenly Father and the Holy Mother Earth. We are open to learning from others and to sharing that which we know to reach the place of remembrance in all.

We acknowledge the Christ presence in all and use our inner knowing and the sharing of teachers as guidelines for our own growth and understanding. We allow the true meaning of unconditional love to dictate our actions to further the cause of peace in the world, respect for all life, and the empowerment of each person to fulfill his/her highest potential. We acknowledge the union between body, mind, and spirit both within ourselves and with all life forms. We believe in the abundance of God and acknowledge that all limitations are held within our own mind. We are open to change as our awareness expands and new information unfolds.

All peoples and lifestyles are accepted with the understanding that we live in nonviolence, respectful of others, and are committed to being honest with ourselves and others. We see all members supporting the vision and activities of the community and being accountable for the consequences of our thoughts and actions.
Maintaining a healthy body through nutrition, exercise and attitude is valued. Each individual is free to choose the method that best suits his or her preferences. Classes and techniques for allowing the healing forces of the body to speak of its needs will be available.
Creative free-time, spiritual play and laughter are necessary ingredients in our lifestyle, as are quiet times to commune with God within our own being and times of sharing. Opportunities will be available for the sharing of meals, classes, workshops, chapel services, and experiencing the glory of nature. A deep communion with the angelic, devic, elemental and animal kingdoms will be integrated to community living.

The Community is affiliated with Oakbridge University, an educational, religious and charitable nonprofit corporation. The University Board of Directors handles the corporate business issues of the community. Within the community, each area of operation has a team of interested and knowledgeable persons who research information to bring to any community meetings. Decisions within the community are made by a simple majority of all members. All projects and decisions support the purpose of the community.

The Community may provide a school for young people with a curriculum based on the philosophy of the community. Through example, experience, and study, we will incorporate various learning styles in the teaching of spiritual principles, cooperation, personal growth, basic skills and application. We honor nature, creative expression, and inner knowing as major influences in our learning process.

Oakbridge University will offer classes and workshops at the Community in the areas of whole life healing, spirituality and personal growth. Our teachers are professionals from many areas of expertise and background. Our University is open to all and class costs are reasonable.
We encourage our members to be open to continuous growth and the sharing of information. A library will be incorporated within the vision of the Community Center to facilitate and inspire. In addition, we envision a bookstore/ resource center where a broad range of materials and topics will be available for purchase and/or rental.

The Community is a healing community. Our primary vision is the wholeness of each person on the planet, activated through the remembrance of who we are. This will bring about health of body, mind and spirit, and the unlimited joy this healing brings. Many methods of healing will be available at the Community as well as classes on the various techniques which facilitate healing.

Since the Community is committed to helping individuals in the areas of health and vitality, and to preserving the environment, our health food center will offer a wide variety of nutritional products and environmentally-safe organic home products.

In an environment of acceptance and creativity, each member is encouraged to use intuition and guidance in the creation of an energy-efficient, functional, attractive community that serves the resident members and visitors.

Community living areas and individual dwellings will be accented by gardens, wooded areas and play areas. All structures will exceed the standards for energy efficiency. Energy sources will be explored with the goal of making the community self-sufficient. Recycling and renewal of resources will be a part of all projects.


There is no membership fee to join our community. All prospective resident members must meet with the Admissions Committee before joining the Community to decide if the vision of the Community is in harmony with their own. All resident members are expected to support the community through participation and with whatever financial or time com-mitments seem appropriate.

Oakbridge University, incorporated in the State of Washington in May 1989, is an educational, religious and charitable non-profit corporation under section 501 (c) 3 of the I.R.S.
All donations are tax deductible in the U.S.
We who envision living in harmony with each other and the Earth in a cooperative, synergistic environment have come together with a single purpose: to be the demonstration of how individuals joined together as one Heart and one Mind can serve the awakening of the whole of mankind, remembering always that we are one with each other and our Divinity.
If you have felt a recognition and a harmony within yourself in reading about the Community and would like to support such a vision, please know that we welcome your participation and contribution.
This vision was first proposed in 1990 and we are ready to move to the next stage. If you have expertise regarding establishing a physical community, and would like to be on our Planning Committee, please contact us.

Oakbridge University
4007 Harbor Ridge Rd. N.E.
Tacoma, WA 98422
(253) 952-3285

Jeshua Speaks About:April 2017

The Teacher Within

Beloved one, I have been asked if I would put into form a certain teaching that could take you from the very beginning through to the place of mastery. In truth, I have given some edification in that area. You have books that are as guides to study. But I want to ask you a very basic question. When you use a study guide such as that, where does most of the study take place? In the mind.

And what I stress with you is, even if you start with concepts of the mind— which is a good place to start—the goal is to come to the place of the heart so that you, as I have been speaking to you for some years now, do not go back to square one and engage the mind solely.

Because truly, as I use words, they are not as important as the feeling. I reach out and touch each one of you, heart to heart, while the mind is busy reading the words. The mind says, “Oh, good, I can latch onto this idea. I will hold this idea.” Then another idea comes along and you forget the first one, and then you play with the second one in the mind. If you are lucky, the mind gets tired, and you get to a feeling of peace.

That is why I stress so often with you that you set aside time in each day to just breathe, to go deeply within and just breathe. Now, I know that when you start that practice in every day, if you are like most of the brothers and sisters, the mind will be busy with what has happened either the day before or in that day, and there will be certain things that you summarize in the mind: “She said this to me. That happened at work. This is what I have to think about for tomorrow. I hope I have everything prepared for dinner, and with one hundred people coming to eat…etc.”

And then, as you have practiced focusing on the breath, you can come to a place of peace within, where you come to the place where you know the feeling of expansion, the feeling of Isness, no judgment, no thoughts, just the place of peace within. I have shared with you many times, and I will reiterate, that when you find that place of peace within, the body thanks you, because the body then gets to relax without you trying to control it.

You breathe, you feel at peace, and the body expands. All of the cells of the body allow their Light to expand.
We speak often of the various texts, the writings that are as clues to set you on a path. You have many good writings that you can go to. You have many good poets, writers, musicians who have written melodies and the words to the melodies that will transport you from sitting in one place to a certain emotion. Oftentimes the music can move you in a way that nothing else can. Now, when the music moves you to a place where you find the waterworks are flowing quite freely, rejoice. Know that truly there have been lifetimes when you could not, dared not shed the tears. Rejoice every time you feel tears coming down the cheeks, because it is shows that the heart is opening.

Ones often ask me, “Master, how can I become a master? Show me, teach me, lead me to the right books to study.” Depending on what seems to be the necessary next step with them, I will suggest. But oftentimes they will come back and say, “I have read the ones that you suggested. They were good. They have taken me to a certain degree upon my path, but I feel that there’s more. Is there something more that I should be studying?”

When they ask that question, I know that they want something of the mind, so I suggest something that they can read for the mind. And after a while, if they have pursued the pathway a way, they will come back to me and say, I have read the books that you suggested. I have pondered them. I have questioned them. I have meditated upon ideas in those books, but I still feel that there is something more. Tell me where to go, what to do.”

And I say unto them, as I have said to you sometimes. “Access the teacher within, your own teacher within.” Because each and every one of you has existed from before time began, has existed from the first thought to create, and you know your path better than anyone else. You know your inner Teacher. Ask the questions of your inner Teacher.

It is okay to ask questions of brothers and sisters, because they are walking the human path and maybe what they have read will be enlightening to you. But when you get to the place where you know that there is something more, go within and ask the master within.

Because, you see, two thousand years ago you and I walked together, we sat around the campfire, we walked along the shore of the sea and shared ideas, questions. When all of that was done and you left to go back to your dwelling place or to your family or to wherever you had to go, there were questions that remained, questions that I could not truly answer. I could only answer what was true for me, as I do in this day and time.

But the one true teacher for you is the Teacher within. It is you, the master that you are, within. Now, the most wonderful part about that is, as you will be wanting to know, asking to know, really desirous to know, nothing can be held back from you. You will bring the perfect text to you. You will bring the perfect teachers to you. You will bring the perfect circumstances to you.

The inner Teacher of you never leaves you, never will abandon you. You may feel sometimes that you are abandoned, but never can you be abandoned, because the Teacher that you are within has been with you from the time you thought first to create, and you have created multitudinous worlds, realities, things to experience and to express, because you are the extension of the one creative Principle; therefore, what are you going to do? You are going to create.
And you are going to, according to the mind, judge your creations. The inner Teacher of you does not judge. The inner Teacher of you walks as you and is always accessible to you. So in truth, you do not need a teacher outside of you.

It is fun to play with someone else, to toss ideas around and say, “Well, how do you see this?” And probably, because of their inner Teacher, they may see things differently than you do, and they say, “Well, this is how I see it.” And you say, “Well, let’s think about that for a moment or so. Let me see how that feels.” And it may or may not feel right.

Whenever there is a time when you feel confronted by someone else, breathe, and then go within, quietly, and access the Teacher, your Teacher, within. Ask for validation, because quite often what you experience with the mind in the world is non-validation. Ideas will come to the mind, and the habitual way of playing with these ideas has been to value judge, and oftentimes your judgment of yourself has come up a little bit shorter than the value that you place on someone else.
So when that happens, breathe, and ask of yourself, “What is my truth? Speak to me, inner Teacher, my inner Teacher,” and listen. Again, do not value judge. Do not say, “Well, I don’t think that’s right, because I read somewhere in a book…etc., that it has to be thus and so.”

Just listen and feel. What will be most important will be the feeling, the feeling of peace, the feeling of acceptance that, “I am okay. I may have differing ideas from other ones, but I’m still okay with my ideas. I am still okay with my values. I have value,” because you do.
The world quite often wants to stamp out what you have thought your value to be. The mind will give you a whole list of how to value yourself, and quite often you find yourself down near the bottom of the list, because that is what habitually the generational teaching has been. You have been taught that as little ones. “You don’t know anything. You have to listen to me,” say the parents or the older brother or sister. You do for a while, and then you begin to think, “Well, that’s not quite how I see things, and I’m not quite sure that’s where I am with that.”

Listen to your inner Teacher. Do not be confrontational with another one, because their inner Teacher may be bringing up for them what they have said that their soul wants to experience. But value your inner Teacher, because that Teacher is true for you. It is important for you to know your value and to speak, even when others may not listen to you. Allow yourself to value yourself and your inner Teacher.

Read the books. Question things. Discuss. Then take it in meditation to the Teacher within. That Teacher within, when you are being totally open, nonjudgmental, will lead you to the Truth of your being.

I can speak these words to you now, because you are in a place where you understand; not only with the mind, but with the open Heart. I can speak these thing to you as I did two thousand years ago when we had fun throwing the ideas back and forth, because we did. We liked to use the tool of the mind, so we played with the mind. And you have done that in the early years of this lifetime, because the mind is a great plaything. If you will treat it as such, you will not go wrong.
But the heart speaks true. So whenever you get the feeling of the fingernails on the chalkboard and you wonder what is going on, breathe, and then ask the inner Teacher, “How do you see what is going on?”

Every time you ask your inner Teacher, you will get an answer. You may not hear it. You may not want it. You may not trust it, but you get an answer which you can come back to and see if the answer is the same next time as well. Allow yourself to trust the inner Teacher, because it will be true; not the mind, but the feeling of the heart.

You will have fun with it. The mind already is having fun with it, but the heart says, “So what? I love, I Am, I Be, forever and always.”
So go to the place within and ask your inner Teacher, “Speak to me. Love me.” That is a very powerful one. Go to the inner Teacher and ask, “Love me.” The feeling that will wash over you will be with you forever. It will be powerful, transportive, and will be forever, as I am with you. I walk with you now. Speak to me from time to time.

I give you a promise. Two thousand years ago I gave you a promise, that, “Lo, I am with you always, even until the end of the world.” That will be a good thing to celebrate. I am with you always, and I love that which you are, because that which you are is the One that we are, have been, will be, forever outside of time.
Speak to me during the day. If you really want to get my attention, tell a funny, a joke. I enjoy laughter. Peace be with you now and forevermore.
So be it.

– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith

A Note on the Narration of the Books: First and foremost I want to thank Judith with all my heart and soul for allowing me to share these books with the world. The teachings of Jeshua grasped a firm hold of my soul several years ago after narrating The Way of Mastery and I have not looked back since. Over the years I have asked dozens of spiritual organizations for permission to narrate their works, and in 99% of the cases there answer was no. My drive to share and introduce Jeshua to the world was so strong I emailed Judith to ask for permission and was answered with a resounding YES. In my mind this is the true hallmark of a spiritual organization, the willingness and realization that Truth belongs to humanity, and the more that have the ears to hear the message of Jeshua ben Joseph the more the world will heal and evolve. I thank Judith, I thank Oakbridge and I present these audios in the Spirit in which they were intended.